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Revision Webapp

In the final weeks before the exams, I've decided to make my newest Webapp available. Its still very much in an alpha version, and so consequently, we're only going to charge £5 for 12 months access.

This app brings together newly redeveloped revision cards covering the pure A-level maths syllabus (and will eventually cover all of the A-level maths and further maths content - but that's a little way off yet!). In addition to this much improved set of revision cards, you can now also flag cards, which creates a comprehensive list of topics you need to further revise. The app also links the cards to the notes and examples elsewhere on the site. 

As is clear from the developer notes on the login page, I'm literally adding new content and features daily! 




The web app currently works best on desktops, but optimisation for mobile devices is coming soon - as is further statistics and mechanics content. 

FAQ - The rest of your content is free, why is this different?

A very good question. Even in the current state, this web app represents hundreds of hours of work, and by the time I am truly happy with it, it will have consumed thousands of hours of my time. It's hard to put in that much time without some return. I also find that adverts get in the way of revision materials and didn't want to encumber learners with unnecessary distractions! The content elsewhere on the site, I have developed slowly over a number of years, whereas this represents a concerted effort over a much shorter period of time. 

And finally, just because the content is much much better. There are now over 100 revision cards; covering pure, mechanics and statistics; with so much more to come! The further maths content will be coming to it soon... Well pretty soon... 

FAQ - Ok, how do I access it?

Click the link: Revision Webapp then hit the hamburger button and create a new user. 


Problems? contact me directly and I'll be happy to help: