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Mechanics & Statistics

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The final couple of weeks of preparation!

In support of my personal tutees, I will be posting my revision materials directly on this page (or linking to them if they are elsewhere on the site). These materials will include exam-style questions and worked solutions are well as pertinent revision flash cards. If you want to actively participate in the zoom revision classes, send me an email directly for times, cost & availability ( .

If, however, you want to simply challenge yourself with new and interesting materials, bookmark the page and check back daily to enjoy some additional support in these final weeks!

Day 1.

The first set of (six) questions is a bit of a mixed bag, three statistics and three mechanics questions covering a range of topics. As I identify areas of interest or need to my students, this will change, but in the first instance, these may prove a bit of a challenge. Currently I'm focusing on topics covered by the WJEC board, but again if anyone has any particular topics or styles of question they wish to see featured here, please feel free to send me an email, and I'll try to cover them (and if you really want to get my attention, buy me a coffee!)

In terms of the solutions to these questions, they'll either appear tonight or tomorrow morning (10 June)

Note in question 4ii it should say "minimum" tension; I inadvertently neglected the case where friction was stopping the block being pulled up the hill. 

Day 2.

Just five questions today. But I suspect the probability ones may prove pretty challenging.  Hopefully I'll get solutions up  by tomorrow lunchtime. 

Edit : just updated the momentum question as it broke physical laws


Just uploaded the solutions - Q1 is interesting because of the hidden binomial and Q5 just for the algebra!

Day 3.

A simultaneous equation! For no reason other than I can! Mwhahahah. Anyhow, the other four questions are pretty straightforward. 

The third set of solutions is now uploaded.

We'll have a little pause for a day now, with the fourth set of questions appearing tomorrow!

Day 4.

How well can you use the functions on your calculator...?

Day 5.

Practicing hypothesis testing; there's a bit of an interesting question about fuel efficiency that can be turned into a nice hypothesis test. 

Day 6.

Some differential equation derivations, moments and a few hypothesis tests on the product moment correlation coefficient.

Day 7.

More differential equations and an infamous ladder problem.