What is this site for?

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What is this site for?

After years of teaching and lecturing, I've become tired of seeing my notes and examples being lost. So I've decided to create this website as a repository of my notes and examples. The site is split into a number of sections;


This consists of a number of articles that can be about literally any topic in maths that interests me on any given day.


This contains notes and worked examples for each topic (well eventually) of A-Level maths and further maths. Each topic will have a short summary of the notes and three worked examples. There are currently 18 chapters of material, with each chapter covering multiple topics, with more to follow in the coming days and weeks!


This section of the site contains individual (and very hard) questions based on A-Level maths. They can involve multiple topics and are likely to be at least as hard as A-Level exam questions, with some reaching the level of STEP questions. There are currently 50 long questions, with more to follow soon!

Revision Cards

Individual flash cards each relating to an individual sub topic. Of the 100 I have created, 24 are currently online, with the rest to follow soon once I've error checked them!

Mock Exams

One of the big problems with past papers and mock exams is a tendency to learn the papers - at which point you become adept at answering that specific question or paper from memory alone, so I'm writing a series of mock papers that you won't have seen before! To access them, you'll need to create a user account and register an interest in them - I want to monitor their use a bit more closely than the rest of the content of the site. 

And finally...

If there is any specific content you would like to see on the site, please message through the various social channels or use the antiquated method of emailing me directly at adam@chasingastar.com