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More revision cards!

I'm currently overhauling my set of revision cards (of which 24 are available on the site), when complete, there should be a set of 100.

Instagram problem

The solution to the instagram problem can be found here


Complex Numbers

I've just started adding some basic complex numbers content to the site (definitely feel I've done this before!) My current plan is to add the following content.

A simple pendulum

The equations of motion of a simple pendulum can easily be derived using Newtonian physics. 

Small angle approx

approximations to sin(x), cos(x)

New statistics materials

I'm currently on a big statistics drive - adding notes on the Poisson, Normal and t-distributions.

Do I need an account?

Almost all the content is visible to anonymous users!

Early days

We're massively overhauling the site!

New content

I've just added some materials covering the expected value of a discrete random variable.

The first news article

This is the first news article on the site. It doesn't tell us all that much, just gives a bit of text and commentary to play with and an image.

Random Reddit Question Part 2

Part 2 was to calculate the second derivative - the tricky aspect was evaluation of $\frac{dt}{dx}$

Random Reddit Questions

The reddit question was, given that

$$x = t + \ln(\cosh t),\; y = \sinh t$$

Show that $$\frac{dy}{dx} = e^{-t}\cosh^2(t)$$