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After years of teaching and lecturing, I've become tired of seeing my notes and examples being lost.

Five topics for early success at A-Level maths

In this article, I'm going to look at five topics or skills that exhibiting mastery of will significantly improve the start of your time in A-Level mathematics.

Useful Calculators!

The calculator on the left is probably my preferred graphical calculator

Additional revision cards

In response to some recent requests, I've started to add revision cards that cover the earlier fundamentals of the A-Level course, topics such as the quadratic formula,

The first two practice papers now available

The first of my practice papers has been uploaded and can now be accessed, with a full set of solutions.

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Five tips for supporting A-Level maths learners

Time : Space : Storage : Tools : Tuition

Random Reddit question 3

The question posed is as follows:

Let $S_n$ be defined by

$$S_n = \frac{n(n+1)}{2(2n+1)}$$

By induction, prove that

Summary of the A-Level Specification

The complete A-Level Syllabus can be found on the Edexcel website; below is an abridged version to facilitate effective use of the site

Why graphical calculators are great.

The curiously expensive calculator

Summary of AS Specification (Edexcel - Pure)

Here you will find my summary together with notes for each topic. The complete AS Syllabus can be found on the Edexcel website (link in article).

Maths Tuition

I offer one to one tuition via zoom. I've got almost 15 years experience as a tutor and over a decade as a teacher and lecturer.

Revision Cards!

Just uploaded the next small tranche of revision cards, so cards 1 - 30 are now available for free on the site; I've got about 100 in total to upload, but its a surpris

Liquid in a spherical container

If the sphere is three quarters filled with liquid, what is the depth of the liquid?

Mobius Transformations

Mobius functions are of the form $f(z) =\frac{az +b}{cz +d}$. We look at some of their properties.

Matrices - a further mathematics topic!

Naturally, the image had to pay homage to the movie "the matrix", though of course, the film has little relevance to mathematical matrices.

Lines and Planes - 3D geometry

I've added content covering the major skills and techniques to cover the 3D geometry of lines and planes.

Infinite Series Collection

I've recently created three questions involving infinite series of trigonometric functions, which can be transformed into a rational function of trig functions, that is

Throwback Maths

The GCSE style questions and solutions can be found on my blog:

Instagram Loci Question

Click the link to go to question & solution

More revision cards!

I'm currently overhauling my set of revision cards (of which 24 are available on the site), when complete, there should be a set of 100.

Instagram problem

The solution to the instagram problem can be found here


Complex Numbers

I've just started adding some basic complex numbers content to the site (definitely feel I've done this before!) My current plan is to add the following content.