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An introduction to some of the functions of the Casio series of graphical calculators

algebra chapter thumbnail

Covers surds, indices, inequalities, quadratics, factor and remainder theorems, and functions

applied differentiation

covers applications of differentiation including finding and classifying stationary points and studying connected rates of change.

Mandelbrot black and white

From the basics of the arithmetic of complex numbers, to polar form, Demoivre's theorem and Cardano's method for solving cubics

line segment lengths

Pythagoras, transformations and parametric curves

diff eqns

Linear first and second order ordinary differential equations & non-linear first order ordinary differential equations


from polynomials to trig and exponential functions, substitution and by parts methods


Covering basic algebra of matrices, geometric interpretation and special matrices, determinants, eigenvectors and eigenvalues and the Cayley Hamilton theorem

numerical methods

Covering iteration, Newton-Raphson and numerical integration techniques


Covering summation notation, arithmetic, geometric and binomial series